Master Piece: Song of Tibet

Language: Mandarin

Subtitle: Chinese/English

Master Piece

Part One:

Watching ‘Songs of Tibet’ (2000), in Tibetan language with English and Chinese subtitles. This film won Best Screenplay and Best Actress of the 20th Golden Rooster Awards (2000) as well as Interfaith Award of St. Louis International Film Festival (SLIFF). 100 minutes

Part Two:

Based upon nine visits to Tibet as well as the experiences of writing and direct films, Director XIEFEI will share his knowledge of Tibetan society, religion and culture, particularly his understanding of the love songs through the film written by the Sixth Dalai Lama Cangyang Gyamco, the greatest poet in Tibetan history. 45mins

Film 《 Song of Tibet》

Directed by one of China’s most established director Xie Fei, ‘Song of Tibet’, displays the half century of Tibetan history by telling the love story of Yixi-Zhoima, a Tibetan woman, her romance with three men and her whole life. The actors and actress are all of Tibetan nationality. The movie was known for its whole-Tibetan cast and dialogues in the Tibetan Language. The staring actress Denzin Drolkar, a National First-class Performer, has won the special prize for the best actress in a leading role of the 22 Golden-Rooster Prize of China Film and the 8 academic prize for Chinese Film Artists in 2001.

Title:‘Song of Tibet’ / Yeshe Drolma
Runtime:95 min
Director:Xie Fei
Cast: Danzengzhuoga, Laqiong, Dawangdui, Renqingdunzhu, Dazhen


During her summer vacation, Dawa returned to Lhasa to see her grandparents. Unfortunately her grandfather was ill and dying. During take care present the arrangement of the funeral, the grandmother, Yixi Zhuoma, told Dawa her love stories with three men.

The first man in Yixi is Jiacuo, who was a strong mule boy from Kangba. During a business, his soul was stolen by a charming girl Yixi Zhuoma, who could sing magic love songs. At the same time Gongsa, the young master of Luoga Garden had in love with Yixi for a long time. However Jiacuo was not persuaded. He escaped with Yixi and married her. Their marriage and Jiacuo’s great energy had brought Yixi a very happy and romantic time in her life. However as a mule boy, Jiacuo was used to an unstable life style, which drove Yixi to Gongsa.

During the 1950’s, Gongsa escaped with Dalai Lama and brought Yixi’s youngest son with him, asserting that son is his. Anyway, Jiacuo could not tolerate Yixi’s being of Gongsa’s lover and decided to return his hometown Kongba with his oldest daughter.

Several years later, when Yixi got the news that Jiacuo was in serious illness, she decided to begin her difficult and dangerous journey searching for her husband immediately. During the difficult time, she met her old friend Songqiu Lama, who was the third man as well as her forever lover in her life. In the their youth, they used to spend a lot of time together, and Songqiu ever taught Yixi to write and sing. Unfortunately, they were separated after Songqiu became a monk. With the coming of Cultural Revolution, Songqiu was forced to leave the temple and lived as an ordinary people again. This enabled him to accompany Yixi to continue her difficult journey. He also encouraged Yixi to return to her husband and he would to go back to be a Lama again.

After knowing this secret love story, as well as with the request of her grandfather, Dawa began to contact with Gongsa, who was had been back for many years, and Songqiu, who was a master of a temple then. Talking of the hard time and difficulties, the four old people was so excited that they could not help bursting into tears after they saw each other.

After seven days since Jiacuo’s death, old Yixi peacefully pass away with him too.

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