As the 2015 Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival will be held in Australia during the Spring Festival next year, now the submission has kicked off. You are welcomed both to join in the competition with your own works and to recommend others’ outstanding films.

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I first met Xiaobai TANG in early February in Sydney, on a mid-summer night with the starry sky. 
Our second meeting was in the end of April in Beijing, in a warm spring day with willow catkins dancing in the air. 
This time Director Tang and I met at her studio in Beijing 798 Art Zone. The studio was a four-storey building with bright windows. Once I entered the building, I felt the thick atmosphere of art. Every storey was clean and tastefully furnished. There were several colorful flowerpots in the balcony at the top of the building, though I could not name them, they were extremely eye-catching. Without smog, Beijing can easily bring people good mood as long as the breeze blows. Our interview was conducted here. 

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I have not met Ruijun LI until the Award Night of the recent Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival (GKCFF). At that time, LI, holding the Jury Prize with a gentle smile on his face, was interviewed and photographed under the spotlights. Despite slight nervousness, he demonstrated a rare quality among young film directors, the ability to be casual and calm. Besides the GKCFF in Australia, LI has participated in several international film festivals. It seems as though he would make high-cost blockbusters as a celebrated film director. However, he, with his distinctive “leisure” is still wholly absorbed in his hometown, the Northwestern China.

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